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Data Set Attribute Attribute Value
Landsat Scene Identifier LE71370272012220PFS00
Sensor Mode BUMPER
Station Identifier PFS - Poker Flats, Alaska
Day/Night DAY
WRS Path 137
WRS Row 027
Date Acquired 2012/08/07
Start Time 2012:220:04:12:51.9311875
Stop Time 2012:220:04:13:18.6852500
Date L1 Generated
Image Quality VCID 1 9
Image Quality VCID 2 9
Cloud Cover 36.39
Cloud Cover Quad Upper Left 41.91
Cloud Cover Quad Upper Right 79.05
Cloud Cover Quad Lower Left 6.86
Cloud Cover Quad Lower Right 17.73
Sun Elevation 54.56414032
Sun Azimuth 144.47953796
Full Aperture Calibration N
Gain Band 1 L
Gain Band 2 L
Gain Band 3 L
Gain Band 4 L
Gain Band 5 L
Gain Band 6 VCID 1 L
Gain Band 6 VCID 2 H
Gain Band 7 L
Gain Band 8 L
Gain Change Band 1 LL
Gain Change Band 2 LL
Gain Change Band 3 LL
Gain Change Band 4 LL
Gain Change Band 5 LL
Gain Change Band 6 VCID 1 LL
Gain Change Band 6 VCID 2 HH
Gain Change Band 7 LL
Gain Change Band 8 LL
Browse Exists Y
Data Category NOMINAL
Gap Phase Source DE
Gap Phase Statistic 8.48558
Ground Control Points Version
Corner UL Latitude Product 48.41942 (48°25'09.91"N)
Corner UL Longitude Product 95.88719 (95°53'13.88"E)
Corner UR Latitude Product 48.46125 (48°27'40.50"N)
Corner UR Longitude Product 99.25701 (99°15'25.24"E)
Corner LR Latitude Product 46.45290 (46°27'10.44"N)
Corner LR Longitude Product 99.24740 (99°14'50.64"E)
Corner LL Latitude Product 46.41389 (46°24'50.00"N)
Corner LL Longitude Product 96.00330 (96°00'11.88"E)
Center Latitude 47°26'30.34"N
Center Longitude 97°36'05.15"E
NW Corner Lat 48°24'46.19"N
NW Corner Long 96°38'50.46"E
NE Corner Lat 48°02'36.49"N
NE Corner Long 99°10'17.47"E
SE Corner Lat 46°27'40.46"N
SE Corner Long 98°31'05.88"E
SW Corner Lat 46°49'10.67"N
SW Corner Long 96°04'00.19"E
Center Latitude dec 47.44176
Center Longitude dec 97.60143
NE Corner Lat dec 48.04347
NE Corner Long dec 99.17152
NW Corner Lat dec 48.41283
NW Corner Long dec 96.64735
SE Corner Lat dec 46.46124
SE Corner Long dec 98.5183
SW Corner Lat dec 46.81963
SW Corner Long dec 96.06672
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