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Data Set Attribute Attribute Value
Landsat Scene Identifier LE72280622012185EDC00
Sensor Mode BUMPER
Station Identifier EDC Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA (aka LGS)
Day/Night DAY
WRS Path 228
WRS Row 062
Date Acquired 2012/07/03
Start Time 2012:185:13:48:46.8897500
Stop Time 2012:185:13:49:13.6439374
Date L1 Generated 2015/07/08
Image Quality VCID 1 9
Image Quality VCID 2 9
Processing Software Version LPGS_12.6.1
Calibration Parameter File L7CPF20120701_20120930.11
Cloud Cover 20.72
Cloud Cover Quad Upper Left 24.06
Cloud Cover Quad Upper Right 42.84
Cloud Cover Quad Lower Left 2.56
Cloud Cover Quad Lower Right 13.42
Sun Elevation 51.18122101
Data Type Level 1 ETM+ L1T
Sun Azimuth 46.82201385
Full Aperture Calibration N
Gain Band 1 H
Gain Band 2 H
Gain Band 3 H
Gain Band 4 L
Gain Band 5 H
Gain Band 6 VCID 1 L
Gain Band 6 VCID 2 H
Gain Band 7 H
Gain Band 8 L
Gain Change Band 1 HH
Gain Change Band 2 HH
Gain Change Band 3 HH
Gain Change Band 4 LL
Gain Change Band 5 HH
Gain Change Band 6 VCID 1 LL
Gain Change Band 6 VCID 2 HH
Gain Change Band 7 HH
Gain Change Band 8 LL
Browse Exists Y
Data Category NOMINAL
Gap Phase Source DE
Gap Phase Statistic -1.286206
Elevation Source GLS2000
Output Format GEOTIFF
Ephemeris Type DEFINITIVE
Panchromatic Lines 13941
Panchromatic Samples 16021
Reflective Lines 6971
Reflective Samples 8011
Thermal Lines 6971
Thermal Samples 8011
Ground Control Points Model 89
Ground Control Points Version
Geometric RMSE Model 6.738
Geometric RMSE Model X 3.202
Geometric RMSE Model Y 5.928
Map Projection L1 UTM
Datum WGS84
Ellipsoid WGS84
UTM Zone 21
Grid Cell Size Panchromatic 15
Grid Cell Size Reflective 30
Grid Cell Size Thermal 30
Scan Gap Interpolation 2
Orientation NORTH_UP
Corner UL Latitude Product -1.94336 (1°56'36.10"S)
Corner UL Longitude Product -56.99910 (56°59'56.76"W)
Corner UR Latitude Product -1.94197 (1°56'31.09"S)
Corner UR Longitude Product -54.83887 (54°50'19.93"W)
Corner LR Latitude Product -3.83235 (3°49'56.46"S)
Corner LR Longitude Product -54.83529 (54°50'07.04"W)
Corner LL Latitude Product -3.83510 (3°50'06.36"S)
Corner LL Longitude Product -56.99910 (56°59'56.76"W)
Center Latitude 2°53'48.66"S
Center Longitude 55°55'00.05"W
NW Corner Lat 1°57'57.71"S
NW Corner Long 56°35'37.79"W
NE Corner Lat 2°12'46.33"S
NE Corner Long 54°53'43.91"W
SE Corner Lat 3°49'48.90"S
SE Corner Long 55°14'20.11"W
SW Corner Lat 3°34'58.80"S
SW Corner Long 56°56'25.15"W
Center Latitude dec -2.89685
Center Longitude dec -55.91668
NE Corner Lat dec -2.21287
NE Corner Long dec -54.89553
NW Corner Lat dec -1.96603
NW Corner Long dec -56.59383
SE Corner Lat dec -3.83025
SE Corner Long dec -55.23892
SW Corner Lat dec -3.583
SW Corner Long dec -56.94032
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