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Scene Metadata
Data Set Attribute Attribute Value
Entity ID DS009062039DF062
Acquisition Date 1963/12/24
Mission 9062
Frame 62
Direction Flag 039D
Image Type 1
Camera Type Forward
Camera Resolution Stereo Medium
Film Type Black and White
Generation 2
Polarity Negative
Down Load Available
Center Latitude 54°40'48"N
Center Longitude 49°24'03.60"E
NW Corner Lat 53°45'14.40"N
NW Corner Long 47°37'19.20"E
NE Corner Lat 55°44'49.20"N
NE Corner Long 50°58'22.80"E
SE Corner Lat 55°36'50.40"N
SE Corner Long 51°19'19.20"E
SW Corner Lat 53°33'36"N
SW Corner Long 47°51'21.60"E
Center Latitude dec 54.68
Center Longitude dec 49.401
NW Cormer Lat dec 53.754
NW Corner Long dec 47.622
NE Corner Lat dec 55.747
NE Corner Long dec 50.973
SE Corner Lat dec 55.614
SE Corner Long dec 51.322
SW Corner Lat dec 53.56
SW Corner Long dec 47.856