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Data Set Attribute Attribute Value
Entity ID DS1111-1052AF025
Acquisition Date 1970/07/26
Mission 1111-1
Frame 25
Direction Flag 052A
Image Type Black and White
Camera Type Forward
Camera Resolution Stereo High
Film Type 70mm Panoramic
Generation 2
Polarity Negative
Down Load Available Yes
Center Latitude 55°54'36.00"N
Center Longitude 36°34'19.20"E
NW Corner Lat 57°03'54.00"N
NW Corner Long 35°36'00.00"E
NE Corner Lat 54°48'54.00"N
NE Corner Long 37°45'00.00"E
SE Corner Lat 54°45'54.00"N
SE Corner Long 37°27'54.00"E
SW Corner Lat 56°57'54.00"N
SW Corner Long 35°21'00.00"E
Center Latitude dec 55.91
Center Longitude dec 36.572
NW Cormer Lat dec 57.065
NW Corner Long dec 35.6
NE Corner Lat dec 54.815
NE Corner Long dec 37.75
SE Corner Lat dec 54.765
SE Corner Long dec 37.465
SW Corner Lat dec 56.965
SW Corner Long dec 35.35
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