Full Display of MYD11A1.A2017216.h18v04.006

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Scene Metadata
Data Set Attribute Attribute Value
Local Granule ID MYD11A1.A2017216.h18v04.006.2017219135234.hdf
Entity ID MYD11A1.A2017216.h18v04.006
Acquisition Start Date 2017/08/04
Acquisition End Date 2017/08/04
Horizontal Tile Number 18
Vertical Tile Number 4
Day/Night Indicator Both
Version Number 6
Product Generation Algorithm 6.4.17
Auto Quality Flag Passed
Auto Quality Flag Explanation No automatic quality assessment is performed in the PGE.
Science Quality Flag Not Investigated
Science Quality Flag Expln See http://landweb.nascom.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/QA_WWW/qaFlagPage.cgi?sat=aqua for the product Science Quality status.
Missing Data Percentage 0
DOI Authority http://dx.doi.org
DOI Name 10.5067/MODIS/MYD11A1.006
Date Entered 2017/08/18
Date Updated 2021/01/19
Center Latitude 45°08'44.16"N
Center Longitude 7°09'55.80"E
NW Corner Lat 49°59'44.88"N
NW Corner Long 0°00'23.40"W
NE Corner Lat 49°59'44.88"N
NE Corner Long 15°33'02.52"E
SE Corner Lat 40°00'15.12"N
SE Corner Long 13°03'00.72"E
SW Corner Lat 40°00'15.12"N
SW Corner Long 0°00'19.44"W
Center Latitude dec 45.1456
Center Longitude dec 7.1655
NW Corner Lat dec 49.9958
NW Corner Long dec -0.0065
NE Corner Lat dec 49.9958
NE Corner Long dec 15.5507
SE Corner Lat dec 40.0042
SE Corner Long dec 13.0502
SW Corner Lat dec 40.0042
SW Corner Long dec -0.0054