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Data Set Attribute Attribute Value
Landsat Product Identifier LC08_L1TP_019036_20190213_20190222_01_T1
Landsat Scene Identifier LC80190362019044LGN00
Acquisition Date 2019/02/13
Collection Category T1
Collection Number 1
WRS Path 019
WRS Row 036
Target WRS Path 019
Target WRS Row 036
Nadir/Off Nadir NADIR
Roll Angle -.001
Date L-1 Generated 2019/02/22
Start Time 2019:044:16:11:50.8573860
Stop Time 2019:044:16:12:22.6273850
Station Identifier LGN
Day/Night Indicator DAY
Land Cloud Cover .91
Scene Cloud Cover .91
Ground Control Points Model 513
Ground Control Points Version 4
Geometric RMSE Model (meters) 7.281
Geometric RMSE Model X 5.176
Geometric RMSE Model Y 5.12
Image Quality 9
Processing Software Version LPGS_13.1.0
Sun Elevation L1 36.60272472
Sun Azimuth L1 149.4065047
Data Type Level-1 OLI_TIRS_L1TP
Sensor Identifier OLI_TIRS
Panchromatic Lines 15401
Panchromatic Samples 15121
Reflective Lines 7701
Reflective Samples 7561
Thermal Lines 7701
Thermal Samples 7561
Map Projection Level-1 UTM
UTM Zone 16
Datum WGS84
Ellipsoid WGS84
Grid Cell Size Panchromatic 15
Grid Cell Size Reflective 30
Grid Cell Size Thermal 30
Bias Parameter File Name OLI LO8BPF20190213160131_20190213164722.01
Bias Parameter File Name TIRS LT8BPF20190204110013_20190220034949.01
Calibration Parameter File LC08CPF_20190101_20190331_01.02
RLUT File Name LC08RLUT_20150303_20431231_01_12.h5
Center Latitude 34°36'38.52"N
Center Longitude 84°18'06.41"W
UL Corner Lat 35°39'37.48"N
UL Corner Long 85°04'59.84"W
UR Corner Lat 35°16'09.19"N
UR Corner Long 83°02'13.85"W
LL Corner Lat 33°56'15.58"N
LL Corner Long 85°32'53.05"W
LR Corner Lat 33°32'49.16"N
LR Corner Long 83°32'38.44"W
Center Latitude dec 34.6107
Center Longitude dec -84.30178
UL Corner Lat dec 35.66041
UL Corner Long dec -85.08329
UR Corner Lat dec 35.26922
UR Corner Long dec -83.03718
LL Corner Lat dec 33.93766
LL Corner Long dec -85.54807
LR Corner Lat dec 33.54699
LR Corner Long dec -83.54401
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