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Data Set Attribute Attribute Value
Landsat Product Identifier LC08_L1GT_184245_20190711_20190719_01_T2
Landsat Scene Identifier LC81842452019192LGN00
Acquisition Date 2019/07/11
Collection Category T2
Collection Number 1
WRS Path 184
WRS Row 245
Target WRS Path 184
Target WRS Row 245
Nadir/Off Nadir NADIR
Roll Angle -.001
Date L-1 Generated 2019/07/19
Start Time 2019:192:10:35:06.9881920
Stop Time 2019:192:10:35:42.2401820
Station Identifier LGN
Day/Night Indicator DAY
Land Cloud Cover 99.97
Scene Cloud Cover 69.09
Ground Control Points Model -1
Ground Control Points Version 4
Geometric RMSE Model (meters) 0
Geometric RMSE Model X 0
Geometric RMSE Model Y 0
Image Quality 9
Processing Software Version LPGS_13.1.0
Sun Elevation L1 24.47992651
Sun Azimuth L1 -104.84384916
Data Type Level-1 OLI_TIRS_L1GT
Sensor Identifier OLI_TIRS
Panchromatic Lines 14921
Panchromatic Samples 16381
Reflective Lines 7461
Reflective Samples 8191
Thermal Lines 7461
Thermal Samples 8191
Map Projection Level-1 UTM
UTM Zone 46
Datum WGS84
Ellipsoid WGS84
Grid Cell Size Panchromatic 15
Grid Cell Size Reflective 30
Grid Cell Size Thermal 30
Bias Parameter File Name OLI LO8BPF20190711102848_20190711110348.01
Bias Parameter File Name TIRS LT8BPF20190702101830_20190717104505.01
Calibration Parameter File LC08CPF_20190701_20190930_01.01
RLUT File Name LC08RLUT_20150303_20431231_01_12.h5
Center Latitude 81°41'26.63"N
Center Longitude 94°14'30.73"E
UL Corner Lat 82°17'52.73"N
UL Corner Long 102°32'26.95"E
UR Corner Lat 80°38'14.71"N
UR Corner Long 99°16'59.81"E
LL Corner Lat 82°39'57.74"N
LL Corner Long 87°49'11.78"E
LR Corner Lat 80°56'21.23"N
LR Corner Long 87°06'55.94"E
Center Latitude dec 81.69073
Center Longitude dec 94.24187
UL Corner Lat dec 82.29798
UL Corner Long dec 102.54082
UR Corner Lat dec 80.63742
UR Corner Long dec 99.28328
LL Corner Lat dec 82.66604
LL Corner Long dec 87.81994
LR Corner Lat dec 80.93923
LR Corner Long dec 87.11554
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