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Data Set Attribute Attribute Value
Landsat Product Identifier LM01_L1TP_032029_19720729_20180428_01_T2
Landsat Scene Identifier LM10320291972211AAA04
Acquisition Date 1972/07/29
Spacecraft Identifier LANDSAT_1
Satellite 1
Collection Category T2
Collection Number 1
Sensor Mode
WRS Type 1
WRS Path 032
WRS Row 029
Date L-1 Generated 2018/04/28
Start Time
Stop Time
Station Identifier AAA
Day/Night Indicator DAY
Land Cloud Cover 0
Scene Cloud Cover 0
Ground Control Points Model 142
Ground Control Points Version 4
Geometric RMSE Model (meter) 23.511
Geometric RMSE Model X 13.603
Geometric RMSE Model Y 19.176
Sensor Anomalies N
Image Quality 5
Gain Change N
Processing Software Version LPGS_13.0.1
Full Partial Scene FULL
Sun Elevation L-1 55.65483812
Sun Azimuth L-1 130.2455759
Data Type Level-1 MSS_L1TP
Sensor Identifier MSS
Ephemeris Type PREDICTIVE
Reflective Lines 3661
Reflective Samples 3845
Map Projection Level-1 UTM
UTM Zone 14
Datum WGS84
Ellipsoid WGS84
Grid Cell Size Reflective 60
Calibration Parameter File LM01CPF_19720723_19780107_01.01
Center Latitude 44°31'48.00"N
Center Longitude 97°42'28.08"W
UL Corner Lat 45°30'07.49"N
UL Corner Long 98°33'25.88"W
UR Corner Lat 45°08'25.80"N
UR Corner Long 96°15'00.50"W
LR Corner Lat 43°33'03.46"N
LR Corner Long 96°53'17.99"W
LL Corner Lat 43°54'10.01"N
LL Corner Long 99°08'09.78"W
Center Latitude dec 44.53
Center Longitude dec -97.7078
UL Corner Lat dec 45.50208
UL Corner Long dec -98.55719
UR Corner Lat dec 45.1405
UR Corner Long dec -96.25014
LR Corner Lat dec 43.55096
LR Corner Long dec -96.88833
LL Corner Lat dec 43.90278
LL Corner Long dec -99.13605
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