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NAIP Entity ID M_3711911_SE_11_060_20180909
State CA
Agency USDA
Map Projection UTM
Projection Zone 11N
Datum NAD83
Resolution 0.600000000000000
Number of Bands 4
Sensor Type CNIR
Project Name 201806_CALIFORNIA_NAIP_0X6000M_UTM_CNIR
Acquisition Date 2018/09/09
Center Latitude 37°46'52.59"N
Center Longitude 119°39'22.51"W
NW Corner Lat 37°48'49.70"N
NW Corner Long 119°41'29.62"W
NE Corner Lat 37°48'55.24"N
NE Corner Long 119°37'23.99"W
SE Corner Lat 37°44'55.45"N
SE Corner Long 119°37'15.51"W
SW Corner Lat 37°44'49.92"N
SW Corner Long 119°41'20.93"W
Center Latitude dec 37.7812749
Center Longitude dec -119.6562527
NW Corner Lat dec 37.8138055
NW Corner Long dec -119.691561
NE Corner Lat dec 37.8153444
NE Corner Long dec -119.6233304
SE Corner Lat dec 37.748736
SE Corner Long dec -119.6209749
SW Corner Lat dec 37.7471999
SW Corner Long dec -119.6891471