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Data Set Attribute Attribute Value
Entity ID EO1A1300152016317110KB_AS3_01
Acquisition Date 2016/11/12
Cloud Cover 10% to 19% Cloud Cover
Orbit Path 131
Orbit Row 15
Target Path 130
Target Row 15
Station AS3
Processing Level L1T Product Available
Scene Start Time 2016:317:01:20:07.730
Scene Stop Time 2016:317:01:20:36.978
Sun Azimuth 143.36062
Sun Elevation 3.035934
Satellite Inclination 97.85
Look Angle 9.2964
Date Entered 2016/11/12
Center Latitude 63°53'16.49"N
Center Longitude 117°16'10.91"E
NW Corner Lat 64°48'09.96"N
NW Corner Long 117°41'12.43"E
NE Corner Lat 64°38'47.37"N
NE Corner Long 118°22'21.37"E
SE Corner Lat 62°58'34.93"N
SE Corner Long 116°50'11.34"E
SW Corner Lat 63°07'33.69"N
SW Corner Long 116°10'58.47"E
Center Latitude dec 63.887913
Center Longitude dec 117.269696
NW Corner Lat dec 64.802766
NW Corner Long dec 117.686787
NE Corner Lat dec 64.646492
NE Corner Long dec 118.372604
SE Corner Lat dec 62.97637
SE Corner Long dec 116.836484
SW Corner Lat dec 63.126024
SW Corner Long dec 116.182909
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