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Data Set Attribute Attribute Value
Entity ID 785377_18TXL450615
Beginning Date 2008/04/02
Ending Date 2008/04/08
EPSG 26918
Map Projection Description NAD83 / UTM zone 18N
State/Province/Country CT
Datum NAD83
Dataset 200804_bridgeport_ct_0x3000m_utm_clr
Projection Zone 18
Sensor Type Color
Number of Bands 3
Resolution .3
Units of Resolution METER
Image Name 18txl450615
Agency USGS
Dataset Size 105570
Center Latitude 41°11'54.62"N
Center Longitude 73°15'42.43"W
NW Corner Lat 41°12'19.42"N
NW Corner Long 73°16'13.98"W
NE Corner Lat 41°12'18.45"N
NE Corner Long 73°15'09.60"W
SE Corner Lat 41°11'29.83"N
SE Corner Long 73°15'10.89"W
SW Corner Lat 41°11'30.80"N
SW Corner Long 73°16'15.26"W
Center Latitude dec 41.1985061170547
Center Longitude dec -73.261784986465
NW Corner Lat dec 41.205393927015557
NW Corner Long dec -73.270548670890378
NE Corner Lat dec 41.205123903881891
NE Corner Long dec -73.252665719597317
SE Corner Lat dec 41.191618307093933
SE Corner Long dec -73.253024974313533
SW Corner Lat dec 41.191888202677077
SW Corner Long dec -73.270904253332645
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