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Scene Metadata
Data Set Attribute Attribute Value
Entity ID DZB00401600058H006001
Acquisition Date 1965/03/16
Mission 4016
Frame 6
Image Type 1
Camera Type KH-7 High Resolution Surveillance
Camera Resolution 2 to 4 feet
Film Type 9 inch by variable
Generation 3
Segment Count 1
Polarity Negative
Operations Number 00058
Down Load Available
Center Latitude 55°46'30"N
Center Longitude 52°06'36"E
NW Corner Lat 56°01'55.20"N
NW Corner Long 52°15'00"E
NE Corner Lat 55°57'00"N
NE Corner Long 52°28'55.20"E
SE Corner Lat 55°30'54"N
SE Corner Long 51°57'54"E
SW Corner Lat 55°36'00"N
SW Corner Long 51°45'00"E
Center Latitude dec 55.775
Center Longitude dec 52.11
NW Corner Lat dec 56.032
NW Corner Long dec 52.25
NE Corner Lat dec 55.95
NE Corner Long dec 52.482
SE Corner Lat dec 55.515
SE Corner Long dec 51.965
SW Corner Lat dec 55.6
SW Corner Long dec 51.75