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Scene Metadata
Data Set Attribute Attribute Value
Entity ID DZB1213-500144L001001
Acquisition Date 1977/09/05
Mission 1213-5
Frame 1
Image Type 1
Camera Type KH-9 Lower Resolution Mapping
Camera Resolution 20 to 30 feet
Film Type 9 inch by 18 inches
Generation 3
Segment Count 2
Polarity Negative
Operations Number 00144
Down Load Available 1
Center Latitude 55°05'06"N
Center Longitude 48°31'58.80"E
NW Corner Lat 56°15'36"N
NW Corner Long 47°59'16.80"E
NE Corner Lat 56°01'30"N
NE Corner Long 49°53'20.40"E
SE Corner Lat 53°54'28.80"N
SE Corner Long 49°02'56.40"E
SW Corner Lat 54°07'44.40"N
SW Corner Long 47°14'09.60"E
Center Latitude dec 55.085
Center Longitude dec 48.533
NW Corner Lat dec 56.26
NW Corner Long dec 47.988
NE Corner Lat dec 56.025
NE Corner Long dec 49.889
SE Corner Lat dec 53.908
SE Corner Long dec 49.049
SW Corner Lat dec 54.129
SW Corner Long dec 47.236