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EarthExplorer - Metadata - NAPP - NP0NAPP008736091

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Data Set Attribute Attribute Value
Entity ID NP0NAPP008736091
Project NAPP
Project Number 9502
Roll 8736
Frame 91
Acquisition Date 1995/02/02
Camera 137473
Lens 137503
Calibrated Focal Length 153.716
Film Type Color Infrared
FlightLine 0956W
Station 302
State TX
County DELTA
Center Latitude 33°24'22.50"N
Center Longitude 95°43'07.50"W
NW Corner Lat 33°26'50.35"N
NW Corner Long 95°46'04.62"W
NE Corner Lat 33°26'50.35"N
NE Corner Long 95°40'10.38"W
SE Corner Lat 33°21'54.65"N
SE Corner Long 95°40'10.38"W
SW Corner Lat 33°21'54.65"N
SW Corner Long 95°46'04.62"W
Center Latitude dec 33.40625
Center Longitude dec -95.71875
NW Corner Lat dec 33.44732
NW Corner Long dec -95.76795
NE Corner Lat dec 33.44732
NE Corner Long dec -95.66955
SE Corner Lat dec 33.36518
SE Corner Long dec -95.66955
SW Corner Lat dec 33.36518
SW Corner Long dec -95.76795
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