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Data Set Attribute Attribute Value
Entity ID 3V040604P0000374881A520002300452M_001650117
Acquisition Date 2004/06/04
Satellite ORBVIEW-3
Map Projection GEOGRAPHIC
Datum WGS84
Cloud Cover 37
Sensor Panchromatic
Processing Level BASIC ENHANCED
Vendor GeoEye Inc.
Vendor ID 3v040604p0000374881a520002300452m_001650117
Sun Azimuth 104.32
Sun Elevation 73.16
Pixel Size X 1.1249111
Pixel Size Y 1.2653901
File Format TIFF
Date Entered 2011/11/07
Center Latitude 27°37'12.68"N
Center Longitude 85°19'27.63"E
NW Corner Lat 27°45'02.70"N
NW Corner Long 85°16'43.71"E
NE Corner Lat 27°45'16.25"N
NE Corner Long 85°22'09.51"E
SE Corner Lat 27°29'29.34"N
SE Corner Long 85°22'11.32"E
SW Corner Lat 27°29'02.46"N
SW Corner Long 85°16'45.98"E
Center Latitude dec 27.62019
Center Longitude dec 85.324342
NW Corner Lat dec 27.750749
NW Corner Long dec 85.278809
NE Corner Lat dec 27.754515
NE Corner Long dec 85.369309
SE Corner Lat dec 27.491483
SE Corner Long dec 85.369811
SW Corner Lat dec 27.484016
SW Corner Long dec 85.27944
FGDC Format