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Data Set Attribute Attribute Value
LIDAR Entity ID AK_NORTHSLOPE_UTM4_2010_000001
State/Province/Country AK
Pulse and NPS Units METER
Pulse Density 0.327774
Nominal Pulse Spacing 1.74668
Beginning Date 18-JUL-10
Ending Date 04-AUG-10
Vendor Scene ID be_e470_n7848_4
Map Projection UTM
Projection Zone 4
Datum NAD83
Vertical Datum GRS80
Center Latitude 70°43'42.76"N
Center Longitude 159°47'08.02"W
NW Corner Lat 70°44'04.69"N
NW Corner Long 159°48'40.59"W
NE Corner Lat 70°44'05.48"N
NE Corner Long 159°45'37.21"W
SE Corner Lat 70°43'20.81"N
SE Corner Long 159°45'35.51"W
SW Corner Lat 70°43'20.02"N
SW Corner Long 159°48'38.78"W
Center Latitude dec 70.7285443
Center Longitude dec -159.785561
NW Corner Lat dec 70.734636
NW Corner Long dec -159.811275
NE Corner Lat dec 70.7348555
NE Corner Long dec -159.7603361
SE Corner Lat dec 70.7224471
SE Corner Long dec -159.7598638
SW Corner Lat dec 70.7222277
SW Corner Long dec -159.8107722
Entity ID 862743
FGDC Format