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EarthExplorer - Metadata - LANDSAT_8 - LC81370452014345LGN00

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Data Set Attribute Attribute Value
Landsat Scene Identifier LC81370452014345LGN00
WRS Path 137
WRS Row 045
Target WRS Path 137
Target WRS Row 045
Full or Partial Scene FULL
Nadir/Off Nadir NADIR
Data Category NOMINAL
Bias Parameter File Name OLI LO8BPF20141211041310_20141211050058.01
Bias Parameter File Name TIRS LT8BPF20141209203000_20141212235959.04
Calibration Parameter File L8CPF20141001_20141231.02
RLUT File Name L8RLUT20130211_20431231v09.h5
Roll Angle -.001
Station Identifier LGN
Day/Night DAY
Data Type Level1 L1T
Sensor Identifier OLI_TIRS
Date Acquired 2014/12/11
Start Time 2014:345:04:25:02.1991650
Stop Time 2014:345:04:25:33.9691610
Date L1 Generated 2014/12/11
Image Quality 9
Scene Cloud Cover 22.88
Sun Elevation 40.64656468
Sun Azimuth 153.13884721
Geometric RMSE Model X 5.168
Geometric RMSE Model Y 5.348
Ground Control Points Model -1
Ground Control Points Version 2
Browse Exists Y
Processing Software Version LPGS_2.4.0
Center Latitude 21°40'18.59"N
Center Longitude 90°04'29.53"E
UL Corner Lat 22°43'10.20"N
UL Corner Long 89°22'30.72"E
UR Corner Lat 22°21'02.66"N
UR Corner Long 91°10'53.04"E
LR Corner Lat 20°36'46.22"N
LR Corner Long 90°45'41.94"E
LL Corner Lat 20°58'59.56"N
LL Corner Long 88°58'38.60"E
Center Latitude dec 21.67183
Center Longitude dec 90.07487
UL Corner Lat dec 22.7195
UL Corner Long dec 89.3752
UR Corner Lat dec 22.35074
UR Corner Long dec 91.1814
LR Corner Lat dec 20.61284
LR Corner Long dec 90.76165
LL Corner Lat dec 20.98321
LL Corner Long dec 88.97739
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