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Data Set Attribute Attribute Value
Sub scene Identifier 83085319510XC
Sub scene Quality 8
Frame Number 3
Frame Quality 8
Roll Location AB8L27505100000000
Acquisition Date 1980/07/05
Cloud Cover 2
Date Entered 2014/01/30
Date Updated 2018/11/27
Browse Available N
WRS Path 68
WRS Row 17
Center Latitude 61°12'00.00"N
Center Longitude 141°22'00.01"W
NW Corner Lat 61°29'36.96"N
NW Corner Long 141°51'56.88"W
NE Corner Lat 61°29'36.96"N
NE Corner Long 141°08'54.96"W
SE Corner Lat 60°48'14.04"N
SE Corner Long 141°39'01.08"W
SW Corner Lat 60°48'14.04"N
SW Corner Long 142°22'02.64"W
Center Latitude dec 61.2
Center Longitude dec -141.36667
NW Corner Lat Dec 61.4936
NW Corner Long dec -141.8658
NE Corner Lat dec 61.4936
NE Corner Long dec -141.1486
SE Corner Lat dec 60.8039
SE Corner Long dec -141.6503
SW Corner Lat dec 60.8039
SW Corner Long dec -142.3674
FGDC Format