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EarthExplorer - Metadata - SRTM_V3 - SRTM1S44E172V3

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Data Set Attribute Attribute Value
Entity ID SRTM1S44E172V3
Acquisition Date 11-FEB-00
Publication Date 23-SEP-14
Resolution 1-ARC
Date Updated 02-JAN-15
NW Corner Lat 43°00'00.00"S
NW Corner Long 172°00'00.00"E
NE Corner Lat 43°00'00.00"S
NE Corner Long 173°00'00.00"E
SE Corner Lat 44°00'00.00"S
SE Corner Long 173°00'00.00"E
SW Corner Lat 44°00'00.00"S
SW Corner Long 172°00'00.00"E
NW Corner Lat dec -43
NW Corner Long dec 172
NE Corner Lat dec -43
NE Corner Long dec 173
SE Corner Lat dec -44
SE Corner Long dec 173
SW Corner Lat dec -44
SW Corner Long dec 172
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