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Scene Metadata
Data Set Attribute Attribute Value
Entity ID D3C1214-100120A004
Acquisition Date 1978/03/29
Mission 1214-1
Frame Number 4
Image Type Black and White
Camera A
Camera Resolution 2 to 4 feet
Film Type 6
Generation 2
Polarity Negative
Operations Number 120
Download Available 1
Center Latitude 55°16'44.40"N
Center Longitude 51°28'58.80"E
NW Corner Lat 55°40'37.20"N
NW Corner Long 48°49'40.80"E
NE Corner Lat 55°05'45.60"N
NE Corner Long 54°12'57.60"E
SE Corner Lat 54°53'24"N
SE Corner Long 54°03'50.40"E
SW Corner Lat 55°27'03.60"N
SW Corner Long 48°50'31.20"E
Center Latitude dec 55.279
Center Longitude dec 51.483
NW Corner Lat dec 55.677
NW Corner Long dec 48.828
NE Corner Lat dec 55.096
NE Corner Long dec 54.216
SE Corner Lat dec 54.89
SE Corner Long dec 54.064
SW Corner Lat dec 55.451
SW Corner Long dec 48.842