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Scene Metadata
Data Set Attribute Attribute Value
Entity ID DS1039-1030DA002
Acquisition Date 1967/02/24
Mission 1039-1
Frame 2
Direction Flag 030D
Image Type 1
Camera Type Aft
Camera Resolution Stereo Medium
Film Type Black and White
Generation 2
Polarity Negative
Down Load Available 1
Center Latitude 28°34'12"N
Center Longitude 80°08'27.60"W
NW Corner Lat 28°28'40.80"N
NW Corner Long 81°32'13.20"W
NE Corner Lat 28°50'56.40"N
NE Corner Long 78°46'19.20"W
SE Corner Lat 28°38'45.60"N
SE Corner Long 78°47'06"W
SW Corner Lat 28°17'16.80"N
SW Corner Long 81°27'39.60"W
Center Latitude dec 28.57
Center Longitude dec -80.141
NW Cormer Lat dec 28.478
NW Corner Long dec -81.537
NE Corner Lat dec 28.849
NE Corner Long dec -78.772
SE Corner Lat dec 28.646
SE Corner Long dec -78.785
SW Corner Lat dec 28.288
SW Corner Long dec -81.461