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Scene Metadata
Data Set Attribute Attribute Value
Entity ID DS1102-1016DF005
Acquisition Date 1967/12/10
Mission 1102-1
Frame 5
Direction Flag 016D
Image Type 1
Camera Type Forward
Camera Resolution Stereo High
Film Type Black and White
Generation 2
Polarity Negative
Down Load Available 1
Center Latitude 34°59'24"N
Center Longitude 117°12'07.20"W
NW Corner Lat 34°55'48"N
NW Corner Long 118°31'33.60"W
NE Corner Lat 35°13'33.60"N
NE Corner Long 115°54'18"W
SE Corner Lat 35°02'56.40"N
SE Corner Long 115°49'58.80"W
SW Corner Lat 34°44'42"N
SW Corner Long 118°32'06"W
Center Latitude dec 34.99
Center Longitude dec -117.202
NW Cormer Lat dec 34.93
NW Corner Long dec -118.526
NE Corner Lat dec 35.226
NE Corner Long dec -115.905
SE Corner Lat dec 35.049
SE Corner Long dec -115.833
SW Corner Lat dec 34.745
SW Corner Long dec -118.535