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Scene Metadata
Data Set Attribute Attribute Value
Entity ID DZB00403600113H001001
Acquisition Date 1967/02/09
Mission 4036
Frame 1
Image Type 1
Camera Type KH-7 High Resolution Surveillance
Camera Resolution 2 to 4 feet
Film Type 9 inch by variable
Generation 3
Segment Count 2
Polarity Negative
Operations Number 00113
Down Load Available 1
Center Latitude 34°41'24"N
Center Longitude 120°34'48"W
NW Corner Lat 34°55'12"N
NW Corner Long 120°39'36"W
NE Corner Lat 34°51'00"N
NE Corner Long 120°20'24"W
SE Corner Lat 34°27'36"N
SE Corner Long 120°29'24"W
SW Corner Lat 34°32'24"N
SW Corner Long 120°48'36"W
Center Latitude dec 34.69
Center Longitude dec -120.58
NW Corner Lat dec 34.92
NW Corner Long dec -120.66
NE Corner Lat dec 34.85
NE Corner Long dec -120.34
SE Corner Lat dec 34.46
SE Corner Long dec -120.49
SW Corner Lat dec 34.54
SW Corner Long dec -120.81