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Scene Metadata
Data Set Attribute Attribute Value
Entity ID AR1UC0000040101
Agency 1
Vendor ID
Recording Technique 1
Project UC000
Roll 000004
Frame 101
Acquisition Date 1952/04/01
Scale 17000
High Resolution Download Avail 1
Strip Number 0000
Image Type 24
Quality 8
Cloud Cover 0
Photo ID 1UC0000040101
Flying Height in Feet 8500
Film Length and Width 229mm x 229mm
Focal Length 153.36 mm
Stereo Overlap 6
Other PAL080_BOX02133
Center Latitude 41°31'59.93"N
Center Longitude 88°04'43.79"W
NW Corner Lat 41°33'00.80"N
NW Corner Long 88°06'05.76"W
NE Corner lat 41°33'01.52"N
NE Corner Long 88°03'22.78"W
SE Corner Lat 41°30'59.08"N
SE Corner Long 88°03'21.86"W
SW Corner Lat 41°30'58.37"N
SW Corner Long 88°06'04.76"W
Center Latitude dec 41.533313
Center Longitude dec -88.078831
NW Corner Lat dec 41.550222
NW Corner Long dec -88.101601
NE Corner Lat dec 41.550422
NE Corner Long dec -88.056327
SE Corner Lat dec 41.516412
SE Corner Long dec -88.056073
SW Corner Lat dec 41.516213
SW Corner Long dec -88.101323