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Scene Metadata
Data Set Attribute Attribute Value
Entity ID AR1VCLM00010041
Agency 1
Vendor ID
Recording Technique 1
Project VCLM0
Roll 000001
Frame 41
Acquisition Date 1970/05/29
Scale 27000
High Resolution Download Avail 1
Strip Number 0000
Image Type 24
Quality 8
Cloud Cover 0
Photo ID 1VCLM00010041
Flying Height in Feet 13500
Film Length and Width 229mm x 229mm
Focal Length 152.81 mm
Stereo Overlap 6
Other PAL028_BOX00734
Center Latitude 43°52'29.75"N
Center Longitude 73°36'16.16"W
NW Corner Lat 43°54'09.27"N
NW Corner Long 73°38'27.33"W
NE Corner lat 43°54'04.64"N
NE Corner Long 73°33'58.59"W
SE Corner Lat 43°50'50.33"N
SE Corner Long 73°34'05.11"W
SW Corner Lat 43°50'54.95"N
SW Corner Long 73°38'33.61"W
Center Latitude dec 43.874931
Center Longitude dec -73.604489
NW Corner Lat dec 43.902576
NW Corner Long dec -73.640925
NE Corner Lat dec 43.901288
NE Corner Long dec -73.566274
SE Corner Lat dec 43.847313
SE Corner Long dec -73.568087
SW Corner Lat dec 43.848598
SW Corner Long dec -73.64267